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At Growing Roots, we believe that all individuals deserve the opportunity to live a satisfying, fulfilling life and that in the appropriate environment, with the appropriate support, all individuals are capable of making a meaningful contribution to their community.


"Growing Roots’ mission is to provide a therapeutic, nature-based learning and working facility that allows all individuals to live a meaningful, satisfying life and to reach their highest potential."


"It is our vision to show our participants and the community that each and every person has something to offer and can become an irreplaceable part of the community"


There is an immense need for persons with developmental and cognitive challenges to have a place where they can stay active, gain life skills, find meaning and build self-esteem through working and learning in a dynamic, safe and motivating environment.  We are confident that for many, this can be accomplished through interaction with nature and through the care of crops and animals to produce valuable resources for the community.  

At Growing Roots, those who have always been cared for will have the opportunity to be the caregiver, building self-esteem, sense of worth and a wide array of invaluable skills.

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