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CSA Registration

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), also known as a vegetable subscription, is a partnership between the farmer and you with both of us sharing some of the risks, as well as the bounty, of the farm. The agreement outlines our shared commitments.


Membership - 2 Options 

  •  Option 1: Full season subscription $500

Members will receive a weekly full share of the vegetables that were freshly harvested from the Growing Roots garden. The season runs from the first harvest (usually late June/early July, depending on weather) to the last harvest (usually late October).


Members are responsible for picking up shares each week. More detailed information about share pickups is described below. You will be contacted with the first pickup date as soon as we are certain of the first week that we can provide you with a full share. Because growth is determined by the weather and other factors that we are not in control of, this start date varies from year to year.

  • Option 2: Half season subscription $350

Members will be able to choose which six weeks they want to subscribe for produce.

CSA members may join our Facebook group, “Produce with a Purpose! 2023 (Growing Roots’ Vegetable Subscription)”.  Though this is optional, it will help you get the most out of your subscription. This group is specifically for our CSA members. On this page you will find information about the crops in each week’s share, recipe ideas from us and from each other!, photos and other farm related news. It is also a great way to see the participants in action, lovingly growing your food!  Join the Facebook Group here


Read full CSA Agreement here

Register for subscription online at button below or by mail with form

Please click link on form to pay after submit

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