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Our Program

At Growing Roots, members are not simply learning to farm. Rather, they are using nature and farm work as a medium for therapeutic change and growth. They are learning a wide variety of skills that extend far beyond the farm setting. They are interacting with others, gaining social skills, and forming relationships while being involved in meaningful activities about which they care and in which they are invested. They are learning about themselves and about what it is that gives their lives meaning and fulfillment. Also important because of its therapeutic impact, they are having fun! There are 4 main programs that a participant may engage in growth and development at Growing Roots.

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2022 Participation Fees 

Group session $35 per session
Individual session $75 per session
No registration fees
Growing Roots does not turn anyone away due to inability to pay. Please ask about scholarships and reduced participation fee. 

Develop and practice skills need for employment (end goal: employment).

Develop and practice foundational skills necessary for transitioning from being a student to entering the workforce (end goal: qualify for vocational training and/or volunteer positions).

To remediate existing barriers to independence and to develop skills and functions necessary for increased independence (end goal: increase overall independence in daily skills).

Provide therapeutic recreational activity for improved mental/physical health, coping skills, emotional regulation and overall quality of life (end goal: improve quality of life).

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