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Our Projects are Phased for Development

In order to maximize its success and sustainability, Growing Roots has been broken down into a series of projects, or phases of development.  Phase one began August 2016!  Read below for our past projects and the exciting developments to come!

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Project 1.
Short Term Pilot

This short term day programming occurred in August of 2016.  Growing Roots established rapport with the community, participants and donors.

The pilot program received excellent feedback from participants, care givers and volunteers.  As a result of this program the enthusiasm and excitement for Growing Roots grew within the community.

Farm View
Project 2.
Establish Sustainable Funding
Corporate Identity
501(c)3 Status
& Secure Land


Growing Roots is now an established 501 (c)3 non-profit organization.


Growing Roots has secured a beautiful new space in Comstock Park, which will set us up for year-round, full time programming for teenagers and adults with developmental and cognitive challenges.  After this program is successful, Growing Roots will add services for children (nature-based education, field trips, individual and group therapy, day camps, etc.).

Project 3.
Establish Residential Facilities & Further Development of other Facilities


Growing Roots is thrilled to partner with Grace Housing Nonprofit Corporation to begin to incorporate residential services.​

The next phase of the development will be increasing the programming and lodging capacity. The construction of a conference and learning center and initiating a Research Center to further explore the importance of reconnection with nature and the most effective ways in which to make this a practical, feasible option for all children, adolescents and adults.

Project 4.
Growth Through CSA and Community Engagement 


Growing Roots is thrilled to announce the start of our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) in 2021. 

This phase of development increase the programming through reinforcing out place in the community. Not only does it begin to involve the community through this program but it also expands the way the participants are involved within the daily operations of the farm. The CSA teaches through learning not only about the natural aspects but also organizational skills. Participants are able to see from start to finish how vegetables and herbs come to life. This is a very rewarding experience for our participants. 

Project 5.
Growing our Participant Base


Beginning in 2021 Growing Roots main goal is to begin to grow our participant base. 

This part of our development comes through making our name known in the community and growing awareness around Growing Roots. This means we need help from people like YOU! Our goal is to not only reach out through individuals but also through local organizations to help us grow and expand. 

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