Ways To Help

A sense of renewed hope comes with this new year. We can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel. We can begin to see an end to isolation and the promise of being a part of a community again. We can see glimpses of “normalcy” returning to our lives.


What if the isolation, absence of community and lack of purpose that the pandemic brought was your “normal”?


For our participants, it has been. They have been underestimated, excluded and isolated for their entire lives. As the years go by and they age out of school, fewer services are available and opportunities dwindle. For our participants, a meaningful, purposeful future seemed out of reach.


Growing Roots exists to change that. Growing Roots makes space for hope. Growing Roots provides the environment and support needed for our participants to find the meaningful and purposeful future that we all deserve.


By participating in one of our sponsorship opportunities, you become a part of changing someone’s “normal” for the better. You amplify the message that our participants are important, valued and deserving of more.


As we move forward this year, let’s be sure that we don’t leave anyone behind. Let’s share our renewed hope for the future with our community members with diverse abilities. Let’s press on together. Because together, we can do incredible things.


With gratitude,


Jessica Roost, MSOT, OTR/L


You can also make a monetary donation here

Sponsorship Packages



• You sponsor one participant for an entire year at Growing Roots

• Recognition on website and social media if desired

• Personalized thank you note from your sponsored participant

• One piece of art hand crafted by your sponsored participant

• Your name on a 2x4” bronze plaque permanently mounted in the waiting/welcome room

• Custom Growing Roots cookbook that participants are active in making, signed by your sponsored participant (to be received around Christmas)


Exclusive: 36 Available Per Year


• You sponsor a garden bed for a year, this includes the water and seeding costs for Growing Roots

• Your name on a 2x4” bronze plaque, permanently attached to a garden bed

• Personalized thank you note from the participants

• At the height of the season, you will receive a basket filled with whatever is growing in the bed you sponsor

• Custom Growing Roots cookbook that participants are active in making (to be received around Christmas)


Exclusive: 10 Available Per Year


• You sponsor one animal (either a goat or donkey) for the entire year at growing roots, this includes care and food

• Your name on a 2x4” bronze plaque, permanently attached the animal stall

• If desired, visitation with your sponsored animal throughout the year

• Personalized thank you from the animal

For more information on sponsorship packages, contact Fundraising@wegrowroots.org