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What We Do

The Growing Roots learning facility is a place for developmentally delayed individuals to:

  • Experience wholeness, health and wellness.

  • Be aligned with proper neurological, psychological, social, spiritual and physical development.

  • Remediate existing challenges as they participate in the restorative and healing processes embedded within nature.

  • Enjoy a wide range of support in their journey to reaching full potential.

  • Work and reside in a calm, self-paced, naturally stimulating environment.

What Services Does Growing Roots Offer?

Growing Roots is the focus of a wide range of nature-based programming designed to move the individual (child or young adult) from delay to meaningful adulthood. Initially, the programs include:


  • Work skills, vocational training and opportunities for meaningful work for adults

  • Life skills and social skills training and coaching

  • Recreational and skill building activities such as art, sewing, cooking, carpentry, etc.

  • Residential accommodations with an emphasis on independence and supported independence within a family-like environment   

  • Animal Assisted Therapy

  • Horticulture Therapy  

  • Other nature based programming

  • Education and training for family members and community members

  • Planning and support services for parents and guardians

  • Training in self-advocacy

  • Creation of a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program to help integrate and unify Growing Roots members and the community

  • Support services for transitioning high schoolers


As Growing Roots expands and works through its phases of development, programming will include:


  • Nature-related classes for community members of all ages

  • Individual and group therapy within a restorative, natural setting (including animal assisted therapy and horticulture therapy) for residents, day program members and other children and adults in the community facing developmental and cognitive challenges

  • Respite, education and/or therapy for family members of the developmentally delayed

  • Camps for children struggling with a disconnect from nature

  • Education for professionals and para-professionals

  • Curricular design for agencies (churches, schools, child organizations, etc.)

  • Activities for children promoting healthy neurological growth

  • Multigenerational horticulture and farming programs

  • Facilities for retreats, field trips, conferences, work meetings for team building, etc.

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