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Our Purpose

 If we were to reflect upon what it is that gives our lives meaning,  most of us would agree that the work we do, our accomplishments, our contribution to society, our relationships and the ways in which we spend the majority of our time are significant contributing factors.  


Unfortunately, our community is ill prepared to provide support, meaningful work, and leisure activities for the growing number of aging teens and young adults coping with developmental or cognitive challenges.


Although day programs, group homes and supported employment programs (such as sheltered workshops) do exist in Michigan, the options are limited (and often inept) and the waiting lists extensive.  Most individuals coping with special needs are left with few options, and are often forced to accept less than satisfactory working and living conditions.  These options rarely involve adequate physical activity, social interaction, creativity, cognitive/mental exercise and overall purpose and meaning.

Our purpose is and vision is to provide a safe place for adults with disabilities to find community, meaningful work and purpose. 

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Our Vision

Growing Roots utilizes the motivating impetus of nature as the locus of solutions to this pressing issue.  At Growing Roots, we believe that all individuals deserve the opportunity to live a satisfying, fulfilling life and that in the appropriate environment, with the appropriate support, all individuals are capable of making a meaningful contribution to their community.


Growing Roots sees all members, regardless of developmental delay or other cognitive challenges, equipped and empowered to lead meaningful and satisfying lives.


This vision is accomplished by the creation of nature-based programming, employment and housing that will become an integral part of the community and nurture each individual’s self esteem and need for purpose in life. At Growing Roots we envision a family-like atmosphere in which every participant can take pride in the vital role that they play.  


Growing Roots is committed to the assertion that all individuals have the right to the opportunity to make a difference in their world.  While many adults with developmental delay or mental illness may be able to seek employment in sheltered workshops, such as factories, Growing Roots provides the opportunity for individuals to gain skills and perform jobs in which they can directly see the results of their work and fully realize the social responsibility of being a small part of a larger whole.


We are here for you! Contact us with questions, comments, concerns. 


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